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Bitstrips is a new Entertainment application by Bitstrips released for the iOS on Oct 01, 2013 in Entertainment, Social Networking categories. Bitstrips available for download now on the App Store and being sold for FREE.

Download Bitstrips information:

You can download and get it with your itunes account
The application size on iPhone is 19.99 MB
Enjoy this app now for FREE
Bitstrips current version support device as iPhone 3gs, iPhone4s

Latest reviews from the App Store

Jan 02, 2014
Some of the scenes very American but on the whole love it
Got app working
Go into setting and click on Facebook . Then turn bit strip off them on again and should start working
This fixes the error bug!
For everyone who has the error when trying to log on to the app with Facebook - this worked for me! 1) Go to Settings on your
IPhone2) Scrol
Working again now :)
Can use again now so upped my rating On my iPhone I went to settings-Facebook then turned permissions off for the app came out of
solution following latest update
Go to settings; click on Facebook; turn off Bitstrips; wait few seconds; turn Bitstrips back on - voila!
Most enjoyable caption app involving friends
Jan 01, 2014
My app works fine however I wish they could add a function so you can bitstrip more than two people at one time and have and have
a whole gr
Dec 31, 2013
Was good but now disappointed as stopped working and states an error with log in to fb
Stopped working
Very good app stopped working white screen ? ! Fix
Dec 25, 2013
I cant log in!
After the update, the error message comes up And doesnt let me log in using facebook!Please fix this asap! I reely like this app,
Dec 24, 2013
Luv it
Luv this app . I enjoy pranking my sisters lol
Dec 22, 2013
how I fixed mine
go into iPhone settings scroll down to Facebook open then down to bitstrips if off put switch on then go sign in.if on then switch
off then
Bit of fun
Bit of fun but will the novelty have longevity?, more illustrations needed daily
Error saving avatar
Excuse me, no matter how much i try, whenever i tap save avatar, it says ERROR SAVING AVATAR. PLEASE TRY AGAIN! Im sick of it and
i would re
Dec 21, 2013
Loved it but now?
It was fantastic but the new update has made everything twice as big so i cannot change facial expressions etcIt looks like we got
an ipad v
Dec 17, 2013
Fun app
Really fun and amazing app but it keeps on crashing on iPod 4th generation please fix the bug
Im Enjoying This App. Its Fun. Only Thing Is I Would Love To Be Able To Create People I Love The Way I Created Myself (Avatar) And
Also Be A
Fab app
Love this app but now cant use as error logging into facebook, think its a facebook problem though as wont log into my candy crush
Dec 15, 2013
An amazing app
This app is amazing but it crashes after a couple of minutes of editing your avatar but apart from that its a very good app :)
Dec 14, 2013
Plz can u start making the update for logging on without face book instead of the updates for ppl who already have it I would love
to have t
Looks good
Sadly need a facebook account. I dont support facebook!
Dec 13, 2013
Few probs
Would have given it 5 * but the search box is useless.
Dec 11, 2013
The cover of the app looks really amazing . All my friends enjoy it and so do I . You can create your own people and have lots of
fun design
Works on iPod 4, just not very well
The update is better so I can now make avatars, but still crashes, plz fix!
Dec 08, 2013
Every time I open it it just goes back to my home/menu screen Ahhhhhhh
Dec 06, 2013
Many things are missing
If you add this it will be a hit app!:1) likes2) comments3) tags or notficitaions4) not only facebook friends5) refresh problem
Dec 05, 2013
It would be good if the app notifies your Facebook friends on Facebook that they have starred in your comic. Please try to get
this added.
Love it could be better if you can create own scene
Dec 04, 2013
bloody awesome and funny, you have got to love it
Dec 03, 2013
Love it!Would be good if there was a suggestion box to request cartoon styles.For the people who are still having trouble restart
your phone

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